About Us

Our History

Originating during the late 1930s, steerable thrusters were first operated on a large scale on US pontoon barges and ferries hopping islands in the Pacific.

Later on, they were extensively used by the allied forces during the Normandy landings on landing crafts, so-called Rhino ferries, and at a later stage installed on pontoons to cross rivers in mainland Europe.

In the early 1950s, a license was issued to the United Kingdom, from which Hydromaster was born. Hydromaster spent the following decades building 360 degrees steerable thrusters on this revolutionary technology. 

Our Journey

Five years ago, the ownership of Sykes Marine (Hydromaster) Limited changed hands and its main activities –  including R&D, engineering and production – were transferred to Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Hydromaster’s partners are pictured here in front of its facilities in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Jan Terlouw is responsible for sales, Gert-Jan Koolmees is responsible for technology and production, Henk Terlouw is responsible for R&D and Steven Linskens is in charge of administration & business development.

Together they represent nearly 100 years of experience in steerable propulsion.

Jan Terlouw, Gert-Jan Koolmees, Henk Terlouw and Steven Linskens (left to right)

Our Service

Hydromaster propulsion units are built to last, extremely sturdy and easy to maintain.

For service and spare parts support, call us during office hours or email us at service@hydromasterpropulsion.com

For all online requests, we will respond the same day during normal office hours. Outside office hours we will respond within 12 hours.