Hydromaster 360-degree steerable thrusters are available as well mounted, deck mounted and through hull mounted versions. Z and L drive configurations are available for all variations and the units can be driven by different power sources. Steering can be effected either by an electric or hydraulic motor.

The Hydromaster units can be supplied as a full propulsion package complete with diesel engine, electric or hydraulic drive systems. The expertise within Hydromaster allows the flexibility to specialise designs to meet varying operational and applicational requirements.

Our experience in many less developed countries has proved to us that systems based on simplicity of design are often preferred to high tech designs. This emphasises our policy to provide the customer with what they need, using smart, cost effective designs and builds. Our propulsion units are available in a power range of 36 to 600 kW (50 to 816 hp) and meet the requirements of all major classification societies.