Pioneers of Steerable Propulsion

Originating during the 1930s, steerable thrusters were first operated on a grand scale to propel assault barges deployed in the Pacific. During D-Day they were installed on ferries to reach Normandy and at a later stage installed on pontoons to cross rivers in mainland Europe. In the early 1950s a license was issued to the United Kingdom, from which Hydromaster was born, where we continued to build 360 degrees steerable thrusters on this revolutionary technology. The original Hydromaster, valued for its robust fully mechanical design, still works every day on hundreds of ferries, barges and pontoons worldwide. At Hydromaster we continue to maintain this original design, unique for its simplicity and durability. At the same time, we invest in innovative solutions applying the latest insights and technologies, with the ultimate goal of providing our clients with the best possible solutions.


HYDROMASTER: Proud Supplier for Damen Modular Ferries

Hydromaster outboard propulsion units for several Damen modular ferries. Watch these Youtube clips!


Hydromaster and the El Ramly
organisation - over 45 years of successful cooperation

Electric Propulsion Solutions

Hydromaster to deliver Azimuth Thrusters for New Woolwich hybrid ferries.